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About Better Bites

What is Better Bites?

Better Bites is an exciting new venture in the food universe, founded on the simple idea that everyone deserves easy access
to tastier and healthier food products.

What products does Better Bites offer?

We currently offer Fripps, freeze-dried fruit crisps made of all-natural goodness. However, stay tuned because there’s a lot more coming!
If you have any suggestions for additional products you would like us to offer please e-mail us at or DM us on Instagram @betterbites_snacks.

About Fripps

What is Fripps?

Fripps is a freeze-dried snack, made of 100% natural fruit. Our drying techniques retain most of the taste, color and nutritional contents
of the fresh fruit, whilst adding a super crispy crunch to it. Fripps have no added sugar, additives, or preservatives and are GMO, peanut and gluten free.

What fruits does Fripps offer?

We currently offer freeze-dried strawberries, grapes ,apples and mangoes; however, stay tuned because there’s a lot more coming! If you have any suggestions for additional products you would like us to offer, please email us at or DM us on Instagram @frippscrisps.


Does Fripps supply fresh fruits?

No, we only supply freeze-dried fruits which are basically fresh fruits in a crunchy format! Our drying techniques retain most of the taste, color and nutritional contents of fresh fruit, making Fripps a great alternative to fresh fruit.


What is freeze-drying?

Freeze-drying is a process that extracts water from frozen fruit in a vacuum chamber at low temperatures, giving fruits a crunchy texture whilst preserving their natural flavors and nutritional contents. Click here to see an infographic explaining the process! 

Does Fripps use oils in the freeze-drying process?

Not at all. Our drying process does not use any oils in the process of drying!

Does Fripps use sulphur dioxide in the freeze-drying process?

No. Our drying process does not use Sulphur Dioxide.

What are the benefits of freeze-dried fruits?

Freeze-dried fruits are light, crunchy, flavorful, almost just as nutritious as fresh fruit, and have long shelf lives. They are also very convenient and a great alternative to fresh fruit and sweet snacks. 

Storage Questions

How do I store Fripps?

Fripps taste the best as soon as the bag is opened. That is why we sell them in portion sized bags. Make sure to store your unopened Fripps in a cool, dry place to guarantee freshness. If you need to store the remainder of an opened bag, keep the Fripps crisps in an air-tight container or bag, away from sunlight, or refrigerate them to maintain their crunch.

How long will my fruits stay fresh?

If unopened in its original packaging, Fripps should last up to one year (if you can resist the temptation to not eat it for that long!) However, if the bag is opened, you should consume it immediately, otherwise the crisps become softer due to the moisture in the surrounding air.

Health Questions

Are Fripps natural?

Fripps are 100% natural! They are gluten, GMO, sugar, and nut-free! They also do not have any additives or preservatives.

Can people with diabetes eat freeze-dried fruit?

Always consult your doctor before trying anything new. However, eating dried fruit without any added sugar is usually safe for diabetics, as long as they do not eat too much of it.

An important thing to note is that due to dehydration, the sugar content in dried fruit is much higher than in fresh fruit, so diabetics should always take care when eating this as a regular snack.

It should also be noted that one pack of Fripps is equivalent to up to 10 times the amount of fresh fruit and sometimes more! For example, 12 grams of Fripps Very Berry Strawberry are made from approximately 120 grams of fresh strawberry! So please take into consideration the differences in serving quantities between fresh and freeze-dried fruits.

Are freeze-dried fruits really beneficial to our health?

Fruits are naturally packed with vitamins and minerals and have numerous benefits for our health when eaten in moderation and accompanied with a little exercise. Freeze-drying retains most of the natural goodness of fresh fruit, making Fripps a great alternative to them.

Recipe Questions

How can I eat Fripps?

Open a pack whenever you’re in the mood for a healthy snack or use it as a delightful addition to your breakfast, salads and baked goods. 

Click here to see our recipes for inspiration! 

Where can I find your recipes?

Our recipes are available on our Instagram page @fripsscrisps as well as our website. Click here for some recipe inspiration!

Sales & Deliveries

Where can I find Fripps?

Fripps is sold in a number of retail outlets and supermarkets. Click here to know where you can find us. 

Where does Fripps deliver?

We currently deliver to the Greater Cairo, Alexandria, Delta, Canal, Upper Egypt and the Red Sea areas. You can order here from our website.

If your location is not within our delivery zone, please send us your location at or DM us on Instagram, and we will try to add it. You may also find Fripps already available in one of your local supermarkets.   

How much is shipping?

All our shipping is outsourced to the shipping company, Mylerz. Shipping costs depend on the item you’ve ordered and the city where it’s being delivered.


Region Shipping Fees
Cairo EGP 55
Alexandria EGP 65
Delta EGP 70
Canal EGP 80
Upper Egypt & Red Sea EGP 85

Cash on Delivery

There is an extra EGP 10 per order for cash on delivery.

Business Development Questions

I am a business owner, can I buy Fripps wholesale?

Yes! We would be delighted to collaborate with your business! Please send us an email at with a detailed request of the quantities you will need and someone from our team will contact you as soon as possible.

I am a business owner and would like to collaborate with Fripps. What should I do?

Fripps would love that too! Please email us the details of your request at and someone from our team will contact you as soon as possible.

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