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Local Food Brands for Your Little Ones

Local Food Brands for Your Little Ones

Reposted with permission from the author

Article Author: "Little Blessings"

Posting Date: April 25, 2021

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We all find ourselves juggling a bit more than we can handle, especially with little ones around the house; and while catering to your child’s every need can be fulfilling, it can also be draining. These local online stores help save you the time and effort of having to prepare healthy and nutritious foods for your little ones.

Disclaimer: Some of these places are not specifically targeting kids but they all offer healthy and delicious kid-friendly options. In both cases, we advise you to be thorough and check the ingredients if your child has any kind of allergy or intolerance to certain foods.

Kid - Specific Brands


DANsnack is the product of need. Mothers who realized that they don’t have access to baby friendly snacks in Egypt that are very easily available in Denmark so they brought it to life. They offer ready made snacks that are suitable for kids who are just starting to introduce solids all the way to adults. Their products are salt-free and refined sugar-free.


Ella’s is one of a kind in the Egyptian market. It is the first brand to offer a wide variety of organic fruit puree for kids. This is one of the few on-the-go, mess-free, healthy snack options for your kiddos. They also come in these adorable squeeze packages so your kids can feed themselves and also saves you from a clean up disaster.


Have you been dreaming of an easy way to get your kids to eat veggies? Are you looking for ways to incorporate nutrient dense foods into their meals? V-licious has the answer for you. With their iron rich brownies, veggie cupcakes, and teething cookies, they’re a sure fire way to feed your little ones healthy snacks. Check out their savory selection for some easy and delicious meals for the kids.

Monsters table

We saved the best for last. Monsters table is every mother’s dream. They offer EVERYTHING that your baby needs. Starting with purees for babies all the way to finger foods that are suitable for toddlers. Butter chicken, lamb tagine, and Quinoa meatballs!!! What more can you possibly need? Even their puree selection is split into two stages to accommodate different phases of your baby's development. How cool is that? We can’t say enough good things about them.

Brands with Kid-friendly Items


Fripps is a new brand on the market that offers freeze dried fruit crisps. We bet this is the first time you hear about these, us too!! These are the perfect to-go snack or something your kids can feed themselves while you take some time to unwind. They also pair beautifully with yoghurt for a heartier meal.

Hey Honey Granola

Hey Honey Granola is a small batch granola bakery. Their products are refined sugar and preservatives free. They make an excellent breakfast or dinner option when paired with yoghurt and fruits or on their own as a snack.


Do your kids refuse to eat fresh vegetables and fruits? Glow is here to solve that for you. Glow makes DELICIOUS juices and smoothies full of nutritious ingredients that are amazing for your kids health and immunity. They also offer hearty smoothies that can be helpful if your kids tend to skip meals.

Gransville St Egypt

Gransville makes all kinds of cookies that are perfect as a snack for kids (and parents too). Everything you have or haven’t dreamt of. All their products are made using gluten free and GMO free flours. They also make such unique combinations. Raspberry fig pocket, tahini molasses swirl, lemon coconut cookies are a few of their flavors that we’re sure you’re not going to find anywhere else. They also offer vegan options.

We absolutely love all these businesses for making the lives of mamas a little bit easier. You can save your time and effort for more important things while also knowing that you are feeding your little ones healthy and nutritious foods. Win-win!!

Did we miss a brand that you love? Please share with us your favorite kid friendly brands in the comments.

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